Orabota.ru – employee evaluation platform

Orabota was an early 2013 startup attempt by Maxim Neaga, targeted primarily for the Eastern European countries with the idea to help businesses relying on non-professional employees hire only the best candidates and avoid the troublesome ones. It allowed employers, partners and co-workers leave reviews about their peers. The project is no longer active, and thus its sources were made public.

Setup and configuration



  1. Install and configure requirements
  2. Clone this repository into the CodeIngiter’s root directory
  3. Create a database and import the schema from the DBSchema.sql file
  4. Rename and configure the files in application/config/<filename>.template.php (when renaming, remove the “.template” from the file name).

Project overview

Orabota was a multilingual site and supported Google oAuth, as well as local accounts for authentication. orabota.ru home page

All reviews left on the website were public, and searcheable by person’s name. Sample review

A visitor could contact the review author via a contact form. Contact widget

Whether or not a user could receive direct messages, as controlled via a setting. Settings pane

Once authenticated, a user could add a review or request their peers to review them. Logged in user actions

Employee review form: Employee review form

Recommendation request form: Recommendation request form

The site also had a protected administrative portal, where an admin could review latest user actions, view and manage all registered employers and people with reviews. Admin interface